Aspire - Recognition of Excellence in Education

Education alongside Research as the Mission of a Medical, Dental and Veterinary School

ASPIRE Application, Review Process and Submission Fee

  1. Submission of Application
    • A dental, medical or veterinary school seeking recognition for excellence in one or more of the specified areas obtains information from this website (
    • The school submits their application using the application forms provided.
    • It is recognised that schools will vary depending on the context in which they operate as to the relevance of the specified criteria. Where a school finds that it is unable to meet or provide evidence for meeting criteria, the reason should be stated.
    • The application form covers:
      1. Information about the school with evidence of the accreditation status
      2. A concise summary in support of the application
      3. Response to the criteria as specified with evidence of addressing the criteria
      4. A list of additional information, documents or statements in support of the application including statements from other stakeholders such as health authorities and those responsible for postgraduate education
      5. A student perspective on the submission
      6. Certification of the submission by the submitter and the Dean of the school
    • Submissions must be in English. At a later stage submissions in another language may be considered
    • Institutions applying to be recognised for an ASPIRE Excellence Award must be an accredited school in their own country
    • The standard charge per submission is £2,500 for each Area of Excellence to be assessed, reduced to £2,000 per submission for two or more submissions in the same twelve month period. The charge for emerging economies is £1,500 per submission and £1,250 for two or more submissions in the same calendar year (please see the AMEE website for list of emerging economies).
    • Payment must be received before submissions are sent out for review.
    • Resubmissions will be accepted within three years of the orginal application.  The charge for a resubmission is £2,000
  2. Processing of Application & Review of Submissions
    • Receipt of the application is acknowledged following confirmation that the school is an accredited school. Payment is acknowledged or an invoice is sent to the applicant.
    • A three person review team is established by the appropriate panel(s) with a lead reviewer.  At least one reviewer normally is a member of the panel and one has knowledge of the geographical context of the school.
    • Reviewers working independently review the submission and make a recommendation for consideration by the ASPIRE Panel.
    • A formal recommendation from the Panel with regard to the submission is made to the ASPIRE Board for approval by the Board.
    • Recommendations from the ASPIRE Panel are considered by the ASPIRE Board and, with the Board’s agreement, endorsed.
    • A school may lodge an appeal against a decision.  Appeals are reviewed by the panel and by the Board.
  3. Award of Recognition
    • Applicants are advised as to the results of the review process.
    • Recognition of Excellence Certificates are awarded to schools where an application is approved.
    • A press release is issued and information is recorded on the ASPIRE and AMEE websites.
  4. Timetable

Inspirational Approaches to Health Professions Education is a Two stage application, deadline for Letter of Intent is 1st November 2021 and final application deadline is 28th February 2022.

The closing date for all other theme submissions is 28th February, 2022.