Aspire - Recognition of Excellence in Education

Education alongside Research as the Mission of a Medical, Dental and Veterinary School

Should your school be recognised for Excellence in Medical Education?

Excellence in teaching and learning is at the very core of medical education, and vital for the ongoing development of physicians.  It is often undervalued by universities whose rankings are primarily based on research indicators. However, the concept of teaching excellence has attracted increasing attention from academics, governments, students and the public, and is now part of the everyday language of higher education.

Now entering its second year, the ASPIRE Award programme offers the opportunity for medical schools to be recognised internationally by their peers for their excellence in education. Awards of excellence are made based on the assessment of achievement on a range of indictors established by panels of experts in the field. Three areas for recognition of excellence in teaching and learning are available:
•    Assessment of students
•    Student engagement in the curriculum and in the medical school; and
•    Social responsibility and accountability in the mission of the medical school.

You are invited to consider whether your medical school wishes to be considered for excellence in any or all of these areas.

The aim of the ASPIRE initiative is to encourage and promote outstanding performance and excellence in education. Whilst a range of indicators for each area are highlighted it is recognised that the characteristics of excellence will vary according to local context.  Participants in previous rounds of application have emphasised the value of undertaking the application process as a ‘stock-taking’ exercise, enabling them to identify areas of excellence and of continuing development.
Details of previous award winners and the criteria for each area, with information regarding the application and submission process can be found on this site
Any queries should be addressed to the ASPIRE administrator, Dawn Mitchell, at [email protected]  .