Aspire - Recognition of Excellence in Education

Education alongside Research as the Mission of a Medical, Dental and Veterinary School

The ASPIRE initiative: Excellence in assessment

Trudie E. Robertsa,b, ,

a ASPIRE Assessment Panel, United Kingdom

b Leeds Institute of Medical Education, University of Leeds, Leeds, England, United Kingdom


Received 27 May 2016, Accepted 06 June 2016



Ensuring medical graduates are competent is of central importance to a number of stakeholders including medical schools, faculty, regulators, employers, students and last but not least patients and their carers. Consequently, assessment of competence is one of the main areas of focus for medical education. Recognising the significance of excellence in student assessment the ASPIRE Board identified this as one of the initial themes. The aim of the ASPIRE initiative is to encourage and reward excellence. In this article the process of agreeing the criteria for excellence in assessment is described along with examples from successful applications.

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