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Letter of Intent - Inspirational Approaches to Health Professions Education

Inspirational Approaches to Health Professions Education


Does your medical, dental or veterinary school have an initiative of which you’re particularly proud – something innovative that may not readily fall into the other ASPIRE areas of excellence? Maybe you have achieved something really special that has benefitted your learners and the community they will ultimately serve? Maybe you have overcome significant challenges, whether economic, environmental or other, in the process?

The ‘Inspirational Approaches to Health Professions Education’ category recognises that excellence exists in a variety of ways and contexts and wants to encourage schools to consider applying for this prestigious award to have their efforts recognised. This is an opportunity to be creative and to think outside the box about what excellence in education really is.

If you’re not sure if your initiative would be considered for the ’Inspirational Approaches’ ASPIRE award, why not send a Letter of Intent by 1 November for consideration by the Panel? It’s quite easy to do, and they will let you know if you should prepare a full ASPIRE submission, which will be due by 28 February 2022.  The main criteria are that your initiative should be truly inspirational and should not readily fall into any of the other ASPIRE areas. More details are on the website. (There is no charge to submit a Letter of Intent but charges apply to submit a full ASPIRE application.)

Applications are also invited by 28 February 2022 for the other ASPIRE areas of excellence. For full details please see or email [email protected]