Aspire - Recognition of Excellence in Education

Education alongside Research as the Mission of a Medical, Dental and Veterinary School

Schools invited to take part as pilot sites

Medical schools have been invited to serve as a pilot site in one or more of the areas. The aim is to help us to refine the criteria by obtaining a picture of how the submission process and the criteria appear from a school’s perspective. The school will be expected to return a completed set of documents in their selected area, together with comments on the process and on the criteria adopted.

No awards will be made on the basis of the pilot studies but pilot schools will be invited to bring forward a submission for the first round of awards early January 2013, at no cost to the schools. Schools who participate in the pilot will be making a significant contribution to this important initiative while at the same time engaging in an exercise that might be of local interest to the school with regard to their curriculum development. A schools assistance with the initiative will be recorded on the ASPIRE website.

Completed submissions should be returned by Friday 2nd November to [email protected]


Download the PDF leaflet.